Top 10 SEO Tips for your Twitter account

Choose a Great Username – Pick a username/handle that is relevant to your brand or project as it becomes part of your Twitter URL – – This will also be what search engines index as your Twitter link. Our Twitter account is listed on page 1 of Google for the term “TidyHosts” so you can see how important it is to have a relevant username.

Choose your Account Name Carefully – This will appear next to your profile on the right hand side panel. This can be different to your username but again make sure it is relevant. Possibly choose a variation of the term your most found under. For example instead of “YourSite” you use “”YourSite Hosting”.

Include your Keywords in your Bio – You have just 160 characters to get this write. Your bio is frequently crawled by search engines and should reflect what your Twitter page is about. Check out our TidyHosts Twitter Bio for some ideas.

Get the Start Right – When a tweet shows up in Google you will only see about the first 40 characters. This includes your username so keep in mind that if you’re tweeting a message that you want to show effectively in Google then get the important info within the first 40 characters, minus your @username.

The ReTweet Factor – Make sure that any tweets that you would like to be retweeted are short enough for someone else to add “RT @username” in front of the message. You have 140 characters in any Twitter message to remember to leave enough characters for others to RT. Although Twitter now incorporates a RT feature that does not need you to use less than 140 characters it is still good practise as there are pros and cons to both RT methods.

Keyword Rich Tweets – Make sure that you include a few of the keywords that you want people to find your tweet with. If you are tweeting a link to a Great SEO Tips article (hint…hint) then ensure you include words like SEO or use hashtags like #seotips so that people can find the tweet in their Twitter searches.

SEO your Twitter Avatar – Rename your profile picture (leave no spaces between words), before uploading, with your keywords. It will then show up in the pictures URL.

ReTweet Others – Make sure it is not all about you, retweet other tweets that will be helpful to your followers and tweet other peoples articles. You will quickly build a happy group of followers if you RT great content.

List Tagging – Although we cannot confirm that getting tagged in Twitter lists it is likely to boost your credibility to search engines. Build relationships with Twitter users that have large followings, are related to your industry and are on a list with similar “Big Players” and then you will improve your chances for being added to such a list.

Follow Similar Twitterers – Again this is not a confirmed algorithm of Google’s but with the growing importance of Real-Time search engine results it is another important aspect to consider. Follow Twitters that are like-minded, not only are they going to be interested in what you’re saying, they may even RT it to more like-minded people.

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