FreePBX now available

FreePBX now available

After months of preparation and testing, tidyhosts are excited to announce our new FreePBX hosting packages.  FreePBX is an opensource, IP based, all in one PBX solution built on the very popular Asterisk platform.

Not only is FreePBX easy to use, it is also fully customisable.  Out of the box FreePBX comes pre-loaded with many of the normal phone system functions and features that end users would expect, but there are dozens of commercial modules available from the FreePBX store that can be added as the requirements grow.

FreePBX allows customers to use either software or hardware based phones, meaning you can download and install a software based phone onto your device, removing the need for a desk phone.  The ability to use a software phone allows you to take calls anywhere in the world which makes the solution ideal for geographically scattered workers.

FreePBX removes the need for expensive ISDN lines and PBX equipment on the customer premises.  Having a hosted PBX gives customers flexability, remote working and disaster recovery.

Once the FreePBX server is up and running, customer will need to connect a SIP (Session Initiated Protocol) trunk to their PBX.  We can suggest a number of providers that will offer this.  All call related charges will be payable to the SIP provider.  If you already have your own number which you wish to use on the PBX, then they can be ported over to the SIP provider.

We are also pleased to announce our range of handsets now available from our store.  In particular, the Sangoma handsets, which have been built specifically for FreePBX, however most SIP phones will happily work with FreePBX.