How to: Add autodiscover record using WHM

How to: Add autodiscover record using WHM

In order to let Outlook clients such as 2010, 2013 to automatically set up your account and apply the correct settings, an Autodiscovery SRV record now needs to be added. In particular with Outlook 2016 this is now mandatory otherwise you can’t use it.

If you are using the WHM management suite and have access to edit the domains then you can easily accomplish this by following the steps below.

1. Open WHM and login.
2. Click on DNS Functions then scroll down to the domain you want to edit
3. Now where is says Add New Entries, add the following into the first section:


4. No need to edit the TTL records but you can of course if you want to, the is default 14400 seconds.
5. Next choose SRV where is says to select.
6. Enter the priority:


7. Enter the Weight:


8. Enter the Port as:


9. Enter the FQDN of the exchange server that your host has given you with the full stop at the end:

10. Save the settings.

11. Now give it a little time to update then you can use this useful tool from Microsoft:

12. If you dont want to use Microsofts tools then run this in a command prompt (Windows)

nslookup -q=srv