A Dedicated Cloud PBX System

A robust and scalable PBX solution, replacing the traditional on premise PBX.
Fully customisable with the ability to install free and commercial modules.

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£18.99 Monthly


£27.99 Monthly


£36.99 Monthly

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FreePBX Control Panel

Take full control over your PBX with the easy to use FreePBX control panel.

  • – Manage Extensions
  • – Setup Voicemail
  • – Create IVR Menus
  • – Manage Music On Hold
  • – Setup Automated Backups
  • – Install Modules
  • – Manage PBX Security

Prices Starting At £18.99/month


Dedicated FreePBX For Business

FreePBX is an open source Asterisk management package. With its easy to use interface customers can manage their PBX using a web browser from any location they like. With FreePBX customers can setup main greeting messages which follow into call queues, for example press 1 for enquiries, press 2 for billing. Time conditions can be set so when your offices are closed the PBX will automatically divert to voicemail.

FreePBX supports a wide range of SIP phone handsets such as Cisco and Panasonic. Users of smart phones can install many of the available SIP phone apps that will happily connect to FreePBX removing the need for additional handsets. Remote workers can also install SIP software on their desktop/laptops and use the built-in microphone and speakers for phone calls..

To connect the PBX to a phone number requires a SIP trunk to one of the many providers who offer this. We can recommend several who will provide a free phone number with free inbound calls so all that is required is the initial PBX configuration and you can start taking calls. Customers can also divert any numbers they like to the main number such as 0845 and 03 giving their business the professional touch. Customers can port their existing numbers over to the SIP provider too.

PBX Control At your Finger tips

Assisted Provisioning

Whilst your server is being built we will assist in the initial setup of the PBX.

SolusVM Control Panel

Manage the backend of your server with a few clicks using the popular control panel.

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If your PBX requires a rebuild then you can easily wipe and start again and restore the config.

Prices starting from

only £18.99/MO

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Move from the old, expensive on-premise PBX to an online IP PBX and
save money. Access the PBX from any device anywhere in the world.

Why choose FreePBX More reasons to move to a hosted pbx solution

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With a click you can have a fresh server build if things go wrong.

Daily Backups

Take remote backups of your server, keeping data safe.

Server Level Protection

FreePBX hosts are uniquely firewalled giving added protection from intruders.

Self Management

Easily manage your PBX from the built-in control panel.

Email Notifications

Voicemail and FreePBX system notifications can be emailed to you.

Free 24×7/365 Support

You can reach our team at any time, day or night.

Fast Hypervisor

XEN delivers secure, fast and reliable virtualisation to FreePBX servers.

First Month Free

Setting up the PBX can take some time so we give you the first 30 days for free.

FAQ - Some of your questions answered

What is FreePBX

It is essentially a graphical interface which allows users to customise and configure the opensource based .PBX, Asterisk.  FreePBX has become very popular in the home and business for its ease of use and low running costs.

How do I Connect to My Server?

You connect to FreePBX using your web browser, from here you can setup the PBX to your needs, such as SIP trunks, extensions and voicemail.  Should you need to login to the operating system, then this can be done using SSH.

Do I have full control?

You have total control over the server and PBX administration.  tidyhosts will assist in the initial setup of the PBX to ensure you are able to make and receive calls.

What phones can we use?

Any phone with SIP capability should work with FreePBX. You can download and install a software based phone on your devices or use a hardware handset.  For handsets we recommend the Sangoma phones built for FreePBX available to buy from our store

What does free domain registration mean?

Once your web account is active you will need a domain such as mydomain.com that points to your website allowing visitors to view your website. We offer a domain free of charge on selected TLDs free of charge on annual payments, well worth making the most of.

How do I reboot the server?

Reboots can be carried out via the SolusVM control panel. There are many other functions which can be managed too.

Besides the PBX and Phone, what else do we need?

Once FreePBX is up and running, you will need to connect a 3rd party SIP trunk to it in order to make and recieve external calls, you would also pay your call rates to this company. We can assist with getting this side of things up and running.

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

We offer the first month for free.  This gives you time to get the PBX fully functional.  We will then invoice you for the second month onwards.